Armstrong County Museum, Inc.
Notice of Public Information Meeting
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
6:00 P.M., Gem Theatre/Art Gallery
121 North Trice Street, Claude, Texas

The public is invited to an open meeting with the Board of Directors of Armstrong County Museum, Inc. (ACM) to:

  • address concerns, questions, and comments regarding governance, by-laws, etc.
  • provide ACM minutes, financial information, and documents for recent years;
  • re-establish a regular annual membership meeting (not held since 2014);
  • set a date, time, and place for the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting at which an annual report will be presented and a vote for Board of Directors will be held;
  • invite those interested in serving on the Board to apply;
  • explain the Board election process as specified by ACM By-Laws to be conducted at the Annual Membership Meeting: (1) chair of Annual Meeting election shall be appointed; (2) nominating committee shall recommend a slate; (3) nominations from the floor shall be taken; (4) members shall vote at the Annual Meeting for individuals to serve on the Board of Directors for the respective term designated for each of 20 potential positions.

Copies of the ACM By-laws will be available at the Public Information Meeting. Hard copies may be obtained at the Armstrong County Museum and the Goodnight Historical Center. The By-laws are also posted on our website,

Immediately following the Public Information Meeting on Sept. 25, the current Board of Directors will hold its regular monthly meeting. The public is welcome to attend.

We look forward to your attendance, comments, questions and recommendations at the Public Information Meeting. Please help spread the word and invite others.

Thank you for caring!

Kay Henard, Chairperson

Bill Forbes, 1st Vice President

Roy Rutherford, 2nd Vice President

Shay Christian, Treasurer

Twila Baldwin

Joe L. Lovell

Martha Matthews

Peggy Meathenia

Sidney Mills

Dianne Ollinger

Tylan Shelton

Debbie Sherman

Don Sherman

Steve Sherrill

Michael Stavenhagen

Jodie Stockett