Capturing the rich heritage of Armstrong County and celebrating it through
cultural and educational experiences, the Goodnight Historical Center

actively participates in the Window on a Wider World program, providing access to all facilities and tours at reduced costs to 1,489 school children to date.

has hosted 16,890 visitor tours at the historic home of Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight since its inception four years ago.

Call (806) 944-5591 or (855) 881-6499 (toll free) to book your school’s tour today!

Canadian ISD (top left), Memphis ISD (top right) and Panhandle
ISD (bottom) tour the Goodnight home and Visitor’s Center.

Dedicated to enriching the education of Texas Panhandle students through arts, sciences and cultural experiences.

As a Participating Partner Organization of Window on a Wider World (WOWW), the Goodnight Historical Center works with private and public school districts across the Texas Panhandle to provide alternative ways to teach and learn.

To best serve educators and students, GHC programs are custom-designed to align with grade-level curricula mandated by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) while actively engaging students in historical lessons, including tales of Colonel Charles Goodnight, the Goodnight-Loving Trail, settlement of the Texas Panhandle, and ranching life in Texas, among others. As designed through WOWW, hands-on activities bring the curriculum to life at a reduced cost to area school students and teachers.

To request a WOWW program at the GHC, please complete the Request for Program form available on the WOWW website:

Request for Program

In addition, please contact the GHC Coordinator at (806) 944-5591 to customize your visit.

Not a WOWW school? Call today to discuss your educational needs.